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Narborough Station
The Journal aims to be a source of local knowledge  in  our  five  ‘journal  villages’ and is proud to have been doing so for almost  40  years.   Arguably  the  most valued  members  of  our  team  are  our volunteer Distributors.

Trinity Road area of St Johns in Enderby. Approximately 130 copies.

Primrose Close, Honeycombe Close area of the Pastures in Narborough. Approximately 45 copies.

Stainmore Avenue, Thornhill Grove area in Narborough. Approximately 150 copies (coverrequired for three issues).

If you could give around an hour of your time eleven times a year we would love to hear from you..

Please Email Linda distribution@the-journal.org.uk
Volunteer Distributors
Serving the community for more than 40 years.
As we are still in the grip of the corona virus pandemic this is the second virtual edition that weare making available on our website. With so many group activities cancelled, the content is rather different to the usual fare. In particular, we have included a number of articles that people have written about how they are coping with social isolation and where you can seek help. As always, we are dependent on our readers for articles so if you would like to write an article please do so and we will happily consider it for publication in our next issue.  One final request - we would be grateful if you could spread the word about how to find this version of The Journal, on the web at:http://www.the-journal.org.uk/index.html

The Journal will restart printed copy of our local magazine issue 492 October 2020.  Distributor will receive their delivery parcel, as normal on the last Friday of September.  

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