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At our most recent grading  we had 18 members successfully pass and receive their next belts. This is an amazing result. A few of the founding members of the club have now received their brown belts, having started their karate journey as beginners in October 2016. We are extremely proud of this momentous achievement, and need to single out  Rhydell Poole and Clair Keogh for their hard work and dedication. There are also a few other members only a few steps behind.

Kazokudai continues to grow, both in numbers and in confidence. Sensei Bianca was also recently invited to teach a Master class in Stevenage which was very well attended and received. Look for more of these classes in the near future.


Kazokudai Karate, based in Huncote, has had some recent successes in competition and with another excellent grading.

Chief Instructor, Bianca Webb, and her daughter, Cyra Webb, have both been selected to be part of the England JKA Karate squad. In addition to this, Cyra has been invited to compete with the England team in the next European Championships to be held in the Czech Republic. Cyra, currently a brown belt, impressed the selectors with her recent performances in competitions and becomes the only brown belt ever to be selected to compete for England.

Rhydell Poole was successful at the recent EKF (England Karate Federation) tournament in Leicester Arena, winning silver for Kata in her division.

Kazokudai recently competed in the Bracknell Legend Open, and was yet again successful at another well attended competition. Sensei Bianca achieved a gold medal in Kumite and a silver medal in Kata, Cyra Webb a gold medal in Kumite, Daisy McQuaid received a bronze in Kumite and Rylan Webb won a bronze medal in Kumite.

Friday May 10th will be a busy evening as our speaker Delia Bennett will be entertaining us with Reflections in Rhyme and the Resolutions for the National AGM of the WI will be explained and voted upon. As we come into summer, plans are in hand for various outings and a theatre visit. New members are always very welcome to come along on the second Friday in the month, 7.30 pm in St James Church Rooms.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Coffee Morning on 30 March. This raised the grand total of 262 and is to be shared by The Children's Society and Church Funds. Our next fundraising event will be a Plant Sale and Coffee Evening on Thursday evening 16 May from 6 to 8 pm in the Church Grounds. We hope to have tomato and other vegetable plants on sale as well as some perennials and a variety of bedding plants. The church will also be open and inside the Church Rooms will be a raffle and refreshments.  A warm welcome to all.

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