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Enderby Parish Council wishes to give its recognition to Mrs. Delia Barrow, a resident of St. Johns, Enderby, since 1st October 1966.   Delia’s energy and commitment as a volunteer and resident of the Parish has brightened the day for many and her enthusiasm and energy as a volunteer has known no bounds for the past 21 years.  

The Council would offer its sincere thanks to Delia for continuing to run group activities from St. Johns Community Centre for the past 18 years.   There are 18 Parish Councillors (a number linked to parish size and population).   Councillors are unpaid and give their time freely for the benefit of the community in which they live.  Thats a considerable personal commitment. 
Out of 25 Councillors and Staff, 22 of us live in the Parish we serve and the aim of all of us is to do our best for that community.  Decisions will not always please everyone; for example, we are aware that concerns have been raised over the
The Rendezvous Club, one of the Centres long-standing groups, ran at the Centre since its doors first opened on Monday, 23rd April 2001.   Despite Delia’s continued attempts to revive the group the last Rendezvous class at the Centre was held 19th March 2019.

Delia continues to run a Travel Lunch Club which she has been committed to for the past 21 years.  The Travel Lunch Club is held once a month and benefits many residents of Enderby, Narborough and Littlethorpe.

The Council wishes Delia all the very best for the future.

Recognition of Service to the Community: Mrs. Delia Barrow:

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Meanwhile, our Year 4 choir joined other local schools at Brockington College for a choral performance entitled ‘Songs of Belonging’.  The audiences were treated to a wide range of songs including This Is Me (from The Greatest Showman), the Coldplay classic Something Just Like This and ‘Can You Hear Me?’ a song written from the point of view of a deaf child and accompanied by sign language.   Congratulations to all the children for providing such wonderful entertainment for their respective audiences.

Finally, the whole school came together for an Easter Assembly with Foundation children already having paraded their home-made hats and bonnets decorated with bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers.  All the children sang Easter and Spring songs while Mrs Shaw reminded us about the reasons we celebrate. 


School celebrated a non-uniform Red Nose Day with children and staff wearing something red.  We raised over £800, aided by a cake sale - a wonderful achievement!  This year the children decided to pay to have a painted on red nose instead of buying a plastic one to help protect the environment.  Thanks to everyone who supported this worthy cause.

Our Year 4 children enjoyed their residential at Beaumanor Hall, taking part in a range of activities including orienteering, archery and wall-climbing.  In the evening, they enjoyed dinner in the main house followed by a game of hide-and-seek in the cellars.  The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to the school.

Year 3 and 4 children put on an amazing production of Pirates of The Curry Bean, a swashbuckling musical set on the high seas and in the Old London Docks.  The children had worked hard to learn all the songs and lines and looked very impressive in their costumes. 

Friends of Narborough Station - WILL NARBOROUGH BE READY?

Motorists, who travel on a regular basis, will be only too aware of the level of delays at the railway crossing in Narborough.  At present an average of two passenger trains pass through the crossing in each direction per hour throughout the day.  In addition to these trains, there are a few freight trains each day that travel over the crossing. 

From timings made by members of the Friends of Narborough Station and the Littlethorpe Residents Group over 14 x 1 hour separate periods, the crossing was closed to road traffic for an average 16.25 minutes per hour.  Whilst this doesn’t sound too much, excessive delays are caused to road traffic, particularly at peak times and if there is a build up of trains.

Some years ago there was a proposal to replace the crossing with a flyover, whilst certainly not a total solution to the traffic problems in Narborough, it would have made things better than they are today.  Avoiding the crossing and the mini roundabout at the Station Road junction, would have at least provided a slightly improved passage for motorists driving through Littlethorpe and Narborough.  Any plans for the flyover are now not an option since a housing estate has been built on the land formerly occupied by Empire Stone.  This was where it was proposed the flyover would land.

If readers think the current situation causes frustration to motorists, just imagine the future situation if the following six proposals which are on the table, are actually implemented.

1.  Midlands Connect plans to double the number of trains which will run between Coventry and Birmingham to/from Leicester.  This will mean eight passenger trains using the crossing per hour throughout the day, as opposed to the present four per hour.

2.  The proposed M69 Junction 2 Rail/Road Freight Terminal near to Hinckley is planned to have up to 12 trains in and 12 trains out of the Terminal each day, all of which are planned to pass through Narborough station.

3.  Transport for London is putting pressure on Network Rail to provide extra paths for more London Overground services to operate on the North London line.  More paths cannot be provided at present due to the number of freight trains which use that line.  An option being looked at is to divert some of these trains to run via the South Leicestershire line.

4.  There has been a proposal for many years for more freight trains that operate between ports such as Tilbury and Felixstowe to the West Midlands and North West England, also to be routed via the South Leicestershire line.  The line has already been part prepared for this. 

5.  The resumption of rail services into and out of Croft Quarry.  Apparently some 22 million tonnes of spoil from HS2 and other major future projects are to be moved by rail into the present 81 acre “hole” at the site.

6.  Continuous housing and commercial developments, plus the proposed new M1 Junction 20A will inevitably put further pressure on all roads in the area.  These factors in themselves are bound to have an impact on the crossing. 
At present there are no plans to improve capacity or upgrade the signalling on the line.  When any or each of these six plans come to fruition, it can easily be calculated what the implications on traffic flows at the crossing would be.

Is a new Parkway Station needed adjacent to the B4114 in order to replace the present station and a flyover built for the trains to go over Station Road?  This may be pie in the sky in more ways than one and would need considerable funding, perhaps on the back of one or more of these projects.

Perhaps a more sensible idea would be to resurrect the proposal from some years ago to build a bypass between Littlethorpe to the other side of Langham Bridge on the B4114.

The Friends of Narborough Station (FONS) are closely monitoring all of these proposals as they affect the South Leicestershire railway line, and the impact they will have on users of the station.  FONS will continue to lobby in the interests of all Narborough and Littlethorpe residents in the face of all large scale changes to the South Leicestershire line, particularly as they will seriously affect congestion and parking arrangements.

The number of passengers using the station has doubled in the last ten years from 200,000 to 400,000 per year.  The level of train service provided has not significantly changed during that period, which now causes serious overcrowding and the need for passengers to stand for all or part of their journey.  FONS considers this to be unfair, but is not asking for more trains but is lobbying for certain peak time trains which presently go straight through to call at Narborough.  There is also concern about the lack of any sort of late evening service from cities such as Leicester and Birmingham.  

FONS is also calling for better use to be made of the former Station Masters House and Garden.  Ideas are being sought and its use for the community is an option being considered.  Improvements to this seemingly unloved building, FONS considers are needed to not just improve its appearance, but to provide a resting and meeting place for rail travellers, residents and indeed visitors to the area.  On the point of something being seemingly unloved, FONS also considers the Signal Box could do with a little TLC and is investigating this possibility with Network Rail. 

Although FONS was only founded in August 2017, it has become a very active and dynamic group and much progress has been made.  There is more to do and interest in what they do is always welcomed.  FONS can be found on social media and via their website which is;  Their next Annual General Meeting takes place in Littlethorpe Village Hall, Biddle Road, Littlethorpe, Leicestershire, LE19 2HE on Tuesday 7th May 2019 commencing at 19.30.  This will be followed by a “Post AGM Meeting” where all comments, suggestions and concerns will be most welcome.

A long term concern for FONS is; 

The children have shown great interest in their studies of weather and seasonal changes, the Battle of Bosworth and geographical comparisons of England, Canada, Malta and the Isles of Scilly. Alongside this, there have been many extra-curricular opportunities too.

This month children in Year 4 took part in the wonderful Brockington Choral Concert. Along with pupils from several other local primary schools, they sang a number of songs based on the theme 'believing in yourself' including This is Me from The Greatest Showman! The two shows were a great success, with the children performing to sell out audiences. Well done to all involved and thank you to Brockington College for organising the event.
We were very impressed with the Year 5 children who, at the end of March, took part in the ‘Bikeability’ course (formerly known as cycling proficiency.) This included checking their bikes to make sure they were safe and fit for use, taking part in a road journey, knowing which part of the road to ride on and recognising typical hazards. We hope that they will now be safer and more confident in riding their bikes to school and this will help to reduce traffic at the start and end of the school day.

Also this month, the Friends of Red Hill Field (PTA) hosted two fantastic discos for all children. There was plenty of amazing dancing, lots of temporary tattoos and all of children got to take home a cone of sweets. Best of all, lots of money was raised which will be used to buy new equipment for the school. The next event planned is the annual Summer Fair on 14th June - put the date in your diaries. We hope to see you all there for what promises to be a wonderful evening!
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