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Tumaini Jipya

Tumaini Jipya - New Hope is a UK registered charity located in Narborough. We have been working in the rural Masai area of Tanzania for the past five years. We are registered as an International NGO in Tanzania.

We have been involved in a number of projects across the country and we would like to highlight some of them. Should you be able to assist in any way, by donation, volunteering, sponsoring children and adults with education, or having a week or two to volunteer on our projects within Tanzania we would love to hear from you; better still what about a few friends getting together and supporting us?

We have a lot of contacts within Tanzania (Rotary clubs, universities, business, councils, charities, experts in their fields, safari companies) which have helped us in many ways and we are grateful to Rotary Club of Blaby for support.

The geographical area we work in is very hard, with no clean water, no electricity, schools without resources, and hospitals which are far away and lacking facilities. Our objectives are "The protection of health, the relief of poverty and the advancement of education of the people living in Tanzania, particularly the rural communities around Arusha by the provision of items, goods and services to improve living condition and quality of life".
So far we have: brought electricity to Lengijave with the help of Rotary and then extended it to the dispensary and part of the school, taken a few computers out, bought an electric milling machine (so food is bought cheaper and milled for a lunch for the school children, possibly the only meal they have), supported three children in education and three adults including a trainee doctor at university.
We have provided clothes for orphans and supported a school in another part of Tanzania with a 3-day workshop in sign language classes so parents can talk to their children. We have a lot of classroom equipment to send out so if anyone has any contacts in logistics, we would love to hear from you.

Tumaini Jipya has a very large project to bring fresh clean water to 50,000 people initially, increasing to 110,000, being conducted with Department for International Development, Wateraid, Nelson Mandela Institute in Tanzania, and local authorities in Arusha as well as the NGO trustees. This is under construction now and will service 5 rural villages to provide taps at every school, hospital and community as well as cattle troughs for animals.

Next is a crop protection project, originally designed for disaster zones but also very useful for communities off grid. This will be a collaboration between a not for profit company, universities here and in Tanzania, a number of researchers and experts in their field, Tumaini Jipya - New Hope and our NGO. Our aim is to start projects, ensure training of communities so that they can then take ownership and build from there. They need to be empowered to build for themselves and it works.

We hope this gives you a flavour of our work so if you wish to be involved, to send a donation, to support fundraising events, or to receive more information, please contact Louise on 0116 2841865 / 07779584334 or find our web page at
Narborough and Littlethorpe Theatregoers have been in existence for 10 years and we look forward to celebrating this milestone at the new Narborough Parish Centre on the evening of Saturday 28th September.

We will have the opportunity to look back at some of the many productions we have seen over the years. There will also be entertainment by the LOROS choir, a quiz and a delicious buffet.

One of our most popular recent trips was to Curve for the world premiere of Matthew Bourne’s reinterpretation of the Ballet, “Romeo and Juliet”. All we knew in advance was to expect the unexpected. In this production, the young people are locked in a secure institute, the exact nature of which is unclear. We were able to appreciate some of the UK’s best dancers in a production filled with youth, vitality and passion where the two young lovers risk everything to be together.

Another highlight was “The Bodyguard” at “The Theatre Royal”, Nottingham. This show literally started with a bang and we were kept engrossed throughout this slick production. There was fabulous singing of the great Whitney tracks and state of the art high tech lighting which altered the mood superbly. By the end we were literally dancing in the aisles. We still have “Cats” to look forward to at Kilworth House Outdoor Theatre.

10 years of NALT

Our new programme is now out and includes another visit to the Theatre Royal, Nottingham, this time for a play starring Robert Lindsay and Tara Fitzgerald. We also have a musical, another Matthew Bourne Ballet and a Christmas Social.

Membership of NALT is open to all Journal readers as long as you can get to one of our 3 pick up points in Narborough and Littlethorpe. We send out a programme and booking forms 3 times a year and you just book for the shows you want to see. The programme is chosen to offer a variety of productions from across the Midlands. For example, we regularly go to Nottingham, Coventry, Birmingham and Northampton. Members can bring guests to most productions for a small surcharge but for popular shows, members will always have priority so it’s worth joining. Please contact our membership secretary, Pauline on 0116 2751299 or email for more information


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