Welcome to issue i533 of The Journal

I hope that you are all enjoying and are managing to get to grips with this new online version, and have subscribed to our mailing list. In this issue, we have a number of interesting articles which I hope will keep you engaged with what is happening within the local community. There is a proposed new housing development for Enderby that is certain to attract varying opinions, and also a write-up of a recent charity event involving smartly dressed men and women riding around on motorbikes! Elsewhere, we have news concerning a resident’s 100th birthday celebrations and, speaking of birthdays, the community library in Enderby recently celebrated its 8th birthday with a well attended coffee morning. Whatever your taste in news stories, we hope that you will find something of interest in this issue. Please remember that this is your Journal too, so if you have any news or photos that you would like to share with our readers then please email them to copy@thejournal.org.uk.

Front Cover: “One swallow does not a summer make”, allegedly, but it is good to see them flying around the fields looking as if they are enjoying themselves. Our Swallows spend the winter in South Africa so this one looks remarkably smart considering the large distance it has flown.

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