Since 1977 The Journal been delivered by countless volunteers

The Journal is a voluntary organisation that produces a monthly magazine to the area of Enderby, Narborough, Huncote, Littlethorpe and Thurlaston in Leicestershire in the UK.

The Journal was first published in 1977 and to this date is still run by volunteers. This is made possible by the inclusion of adverts from local businesses which pay for the publication costs, but the Journal is far more than just an advertising forum. Included every month are a selection of the local councils minutes and The Journal has a number of reporters that collect stories from around the area of what is going on.

The Journal relies heavily on content written by the local residents and this is where the beauty of the publication comes into its own, because it is largely written by the local residents for the local residents.

Who runs the Journal?

The Journal is run exclusively by volunteers who give their time to not only produce The Journal but also to distribute it to our 7,700 readers.

Get Involved

We are always looking for help with The Journal and we encourage you to get in touch if you feel that you have the time to contribute to your local community, whether it be an hour a month or an hour a week, we always appreciate any help that the local community can give to us.