Consultation on the Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan

Residents and businesses will have a chance to have their say on proposed changes to the Fosse Village Neighbourhood Plan in a consultation launched on 16 June. The update to the Plan only covers proposed new Local Green Spaces. There are no other changes proposed. The consultation runs until 28 July.

Neighbourhood Plans set out a community’s ambitions to shape the development and growth of their local area and what it should look like. They are used when planning applications are decided, in addition to the Council’s Local Plan as well as other planning factors which need to be taken into account.

They are important because they can help protect elements of the area considered important due to their historical, heritage or green space value.

The Fosse Village Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in June 2021 after progressing through numerous stages and at a referendum receiving more than 85% backing from local residents.

The Plan covers 10 parishes – Aston Flamville, Croft, Huncote, Leicester Forest West, Sapcote, Potters Marston, Sharnford, Stoney Stanton, Thurlaston and Wigston Parva.

The reason for the update is that during the process of preparing the original Neighbourhood Plan, several Local Green Spaces were deleted by the independent examiner, primarily due to a lack of supporting evidence.

The evidence has now been reviewed and Local Green Spaces have been restored and added in the parishes of Huncote (extending into Croft), Stoney Stanton and Sharnford.

These include allotments, churchyards and cemeteries, sports fields and playing fields.

Visit the  Blaby District Council website ( to read the updated Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents. View hard copies at Huncote Community Library (Rear of Huncote Methodist Church Hall, Forest Road, Huncote, LE9 3BH), Sapcote Library and Stoney Stanton Library.

Comments on the proposed update can be emailed to or made in writing to Development Strategy, Blaby District Council, Desford Road, Narborough, LE19 2EP.