Could you spread some warmth this winter?

As winter pressures continue to build for many local people, for a fortunate few the annual Winter Fuel Allowance is a payment that is not always needed. If you feel that you don’t need your winter fuel payment to keep warm this winter, you can spread the warmth to local older people who might not get through this winter without it. You could help local charity Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland by donating your Winter Fuel Allowance and allowing them to help older people in your local community.

During a typical winter 30% of excess winter deaths in the UK are related to cold homes; for most people, this winter is not going to feel like a typical one, for many older people it’s going to feel worse, especially for those on a fixed income.

Winter is often a tough time for many older people; the dark nights, short days, and cold, wet and icy weather make it hard to get outside. These challenges combined with the cost-of-living crisis mean that many older people are on their own, feeling lonely and isolated, and with nowhere to turn when their pension does not stretch to cover their heating bills let alone the basic necessities.

Whilst spending time at home in the warm is preferable at this time of year, many older people struggle to pay the bills through the colder months and will already be having to make a choice about turning on the heating or putting food on their table. Your donation will ensure that they do not have to make that choice.

Many thousands of older people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland receive a winter fuel payment of between £100 and £300. For some, the payment is critical to keeping warm and well through winter but, for many, this benefit is less essential to their winter wellbeing. Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland is encouraging anyone who does not need their winter fuel allowance to donate it to make winter warmer, safer and manageable for the very many older people already struggling to get by this year.

Please make your donation – of all or part of your winter fuel allowance by donating online to our Cost of Cold campaign, or send your cheque made payable to Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland to Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland, Lansdowne House, 113 Princess Road East, Leicester. LE1 7LA, and reference “The Cost Of Cold” on the back of the cheque.