Narborough and Littlethorpe Theatregoers March 2022

Twenty five people made the trip to Stratford to see a matinée performance of “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Leaving Narborough and Littlethorpe at 10am allowed time for a stroll by the river, round the shops and lunch.

The main memory of the performance which most people will take away with them is of the spectacular, African-inspired, futuristic stage set and costume design which were stunning. The production was high energy and brought out the fun of the play – even the “comic ” Dogberry and the Watch – a tricky script – was given a refreshing twist. This would have had the Shakespearean apprentice boys howling with laughter.

Beatrice and Benedick were excellent sparring partners and the plan to bring them together was well executed and entertaining. The subplot concerning Claudio and Hero’s arranged marriage was rather underplayed, perhaps to contrast with Beatrice and Benedick’s genuine knowledge of each other. Hero’s “return to life” after the way Claudio, in the cruellest way, shaming her publicly at the wedding service itself, had denounced her was, perhaps, purposely low key, suggesting this was not a sound basis for marriage.

The music and dancing really added to the dynamism of the production.

The NALT AGM was well attended and we were delighted to welcome several new members. Unfortunately our speaker for the evening had to cancel at short notice. Our mystery replacement turned out to be our chair, Julia, who gave a very informative and entertaining talk on Shakespeare, his times and The Globe Theatre.

If you wish to join NALT, we still have bookings open for several productions – “Sandi Toksvig Live” at Warwick Arts Centre, “Cluedo” at Curve and “Half a Sixpence “at Kilworth House Theatre.

Membership of NALT is open to all Journal readers. There are 3 pick up points in Littlethorpe and Narborough or you can use your own transport to the venue. Please contact our membership secretary, Pauline on 0116 2751299 or email for more information.