Narborough and Littlethorpe Theatregoers April 2022

On a chilly evening in March a group of NALT members went to the Belgrade Theatre in the centre of Coventry to watch “Groan-Ups,” the latest comedy production of the multi-award winning Mischief Theatre. The play is the story of five children from age six, through to teenage years and then to young adulthood. On a deeper level the play raises the question do we choose who we become or is the story of our lives already chosen for us? Do we ever really grow up? How much does the way that our contemporaries see us and interact with us influence what sort of people we become?

The young actors immediately set the tone of the play when five of the seven cast members came on to the stage in the opening scene as naughty six year olds. The audience were laughing within seconds as the “children” gave their accounts of what they had done at the weekend, including relating adult conversations they should not have overheard at home. Later we saw them left alone in their classroom complete with oversized desks and chairs and as the mischief began we could better identify the different personalities. The second scene saw the same children as fourteen year olds going through all the emotions and awkwardness of teenage years, but with similar interactions and relationships as they had when age six. Finally we saw them as young adults coming back to the school for a reunion, with one funny situation after another.

There were many laughs with jokes, visual humour and clever use of words alongside some sadness and pathos. For those of us old enough to remember them, “Groan-Ups” was reminiscent of the farces presented by Brian Rix in the 1950s and 60s. Mischief Theatre’s latest production is a very funny play, expertly performed by the young cast and the loud applause at the end was well deserved.

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