Narborough and Littlethorpe Theatregoers October 2023

This month a group of NALT members travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon for a performance of Macbeth. It was a very modern production and we found the opening a little confusing as there was a female Banquo as well as a Queen Duncan and daughters, instead of King Duncan and sons.

The authentically Scottish actors performed their parts well, as you would expect from the RSC, although their accents were a little hard to understand for some of us at first. The porter’s scene has been re-written by Stewart Lee as a modern stand up comedy routine full of dry wit and with one-liners targeting hedge funders, GCSE school parties and politicians amongst others. Another highlight was the way the three witches squeezed through a membrane onto the stage as if being born in front of us. They take a major role in this production, as they are often on stage as observers, as well as foretelling the tragic events. Music is heard throughout the play with distant bagpipes and discordant brass adding to the atmosphere.

Returning to the coach most of us were unsure whether or not we had enjoyed the performance, but it certainly caused considerable discussion on the journey home.

NALT still has tickets available for two productions taking place early in the New Year, Come from Away at Curve and Life of Pi at Royal and Derngate, Northampton.

We are also planning Social events for Christmas and in January.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact our membership secretary, Alison for further information. or 07947256154.

Membership of NALT is open to all Journal readers. There are 3 pick up points in Littlethorpe and Narborough.