Pastures Pinboard January 2023

Christmas and New Year celebrations passed by in a flash and, before we knew it, we were back in school looking forward to another busy term.

The children are already hard at work on their new topics. EYFS children are reading books on fairy tales and castles while in PE they are exploring ways to move their bodies to music. Year 1 and 2 are basing their literacy on the story The Pirates and the Yo Ho Ho and having fun re-enacting it! In science, they are learning what humans need to survive and about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Year 3/4 are learning the oral story Baba Yaga which is based in Slavic folklore. In geography topic work, they are finding out about the physical and human features of the French Alps and making comparisons with Narborough. Year 5/6’s literacy is based on The Explorer, an adventure story focusing on friendship and survival in the Amazon Rainforest. In other areas, they are learning about earthquakes and volcanoes, how light travels and how it helps us to see, as well as how shadows are formed.

As usual, there are lots of opportunities for Pastures’ children to be active and compete in a range of sporting activities. Year 5/6 are enjoying their weekly session with a Leicester City football coach. Meanwhile, two new school clubs have started this term: a Leicester Riders’ coach is helping children develop their basketball skills while a Speed Stacking Club (as demonstrated by Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect) is helping develop hand-eye coordination and improve concentration as well as providing a great deal of fun!