Pastures Pinboard October 2023

October is Active Travel Month, and The Pastures is again aiming to increase the number of children travelling to school by walking, cycling and scooting. We are always keen to emphasise the many benefits including keeping fit and healthy, improving concentration in class, developing road safety skills, and reducing the number of cars on the roads around school. Staff, meanwhile, are also trying to be more active by joining the ‘Steptober’ challenge to increase their steps.

Children across school have been enriching their learning with a range of activities in and out of school. Year 1 & 2 visited Bosworth Battlefield, going on a walk to find out about the battle and trying on soldier armour in the exhibition centre. They also took part in a masterclass where they learnt how to hold their weapons and march like soldiers. Year 3 & 4 experienced an Ancient Greece Day looking resplendent in their togas and handmade laurel wreaths. They enjoyed designing their own Greek plates, completed a range of activities based on Greek Gods and Goddesses, heard Greek myths and even learnt some traditional dance moves. Finally, our brave Year 5 & 6 children were evacuated back to Beaumanor Hall where they experienced many aspects of life in World War II including code breaking, planning a meal for a wartime family, and living through a very realistic re-creation of an air raid. A themed packed lunch and lots of excellent costumes capped off a brilliant day back in time!

The new House Captains and their deputies have been appointed and will proudly represent Centaur, Griffin, Hippogriff and Phoenix. In addition, The Pastures has a new Prime Minister. Applicants presented manifestoes describing how they could improve school and implement our values. Voting in the election followed. Congratulations to everyone who applied; any of the children would have been worthy to hold this office, but there could only be one winner, and Jessica was duly elected as Prime Minister with Ruby as her Deputy.

Finally, we celebrated Harvest Festival with each phase singing a song, and a whole school rendition of the ever popular ‘Conkers.’ Children were reminded to appreciate everything they have been given and the importance of sharing. To illustrate this, parents donated a range of produce which has been passed to a local food bank. Many thanks to everyone for your generous donations.