PCC warns against out of control dogs

PCC Rupert Matthews joined the Leicestershire Rural Crime Team in Bradgate Park to stress the importance of keeping dogs under control.

The visit was part of an ongoing programme of visits to highlight Operation Recall, a national campaign designed to reduce livestock worrying.

“While we had a lovely time meeting the many dogs – and their owners – in Bradgate Park, there was a serious side to our visit,” explained Mr Matthews.

“Livestock worrying can have serious consequences, both to the farmer whose stock can be harmed, sometimes with fatal outcomes, and to the out of control dog.  It’s very simple, if there is livestock anywhere near your dog, keep him or her on a lead and under control.  It’s the safest option for everyone.

“Everyone we met was very welcoming and understood our message. I hope we can all work together to make the horrific stories we read about a thing of the past.

“For farmers, livestock are not just their business, they are also living, breathing animals, and no-one wants to see them harmed.

“This is just one benefit of the stronger Rural Crime Team.  Tackling all types of rural crime was, and remains, a key priority in my Police and Crime Plan, which is why I have supported the team with funding and resources.”

In its first twelve months, the Rural Crime Team recovered over £1m in stolen property.  In addition, recent figures showed that over the last twelve months reports of rural crime has fallen by around 10%.