Springing To Life

Spring weaves changes,

You can feel it in the air.

A sense of anticipation –

Clocks move forward so sleep is suspended.

Days become warmer, lighter, brighter,

Endless grey skies are charged with blue.

Bulbs respond.

Dainty white snowdrops are the first

Followed by golden yellow daffodils,

Then glorious blue, white, pink hyacinths

Waft their perfume in the air.

Buds appear on trees.

Cherry blossom cloaks the ground,

Blown by the breezes of Spring.

Magpies rebuild their nests

Or recycle the twigs to build anew.

Bradgate Park is thronged with visitors again.

Picnics are in order.

April brings sudden showery downpours

But also the cuckoo’s call.

The month of May heralds the coming Summer –


by Carol Lemmon, a member of the Enderby Library Creative Writing Group